Practice Pipes - Mouth Blown


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''Practice Pipes'' are a unique set of bagpipes that retail at a fraction of the price of conventional bagpipes, maintaining a high quality small pipe sound.
The set includes the bag, blow - stick, chanter, bag cover, reeds and drones (one tenor and one bass).

This amazing product has been achieved by using brass drones which reduce the cost by more than five times of conventiional drones. However the reduction in cost has had no reduction in sound quality as the drones are steady and well balanced with the practice chanter.

1) Practice pipes as the name would imply are ideal for learning and improving playing.
2) As the volume is reduced, it is also ideal for indoor playing and music sessions with other instruments.
3) The playing position and blowing technique are the same as Highland Bagpipes. Every hour spent practicing relates directly to the Highland Bagpipe.