McCallum Bagpipes - AB4 Deluxe

African Blackwood- Fully Combed and Beaded. Complete with synthetic zipper pipe bag, bag cover, silk pipe cords and Ezeedrone reeds.

Extended details are as follows;

  • Mounts: Imitation ivory projecting mounts with engraved alloy plates recessed into the top surface of the projecting mounts
  • Ferrules: Engraved Alloy
  • Slides: Engraved Alloy
  • Ringcaps: Engraved Alloy
  • Mouthpiece: Imitation ivory with engraved nickel tube
  • Chanter: Plastic
£937.00 £937.00 excl. VAT

Minimum quantity for "McCallum Bagpipes - AB4 Deluxe" is 1.