Andante Reactor Snare Drum

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Made in Northern Ireland, this drum is known for it's light weight, crack off the top head and sharp tone. Ideal for marching bands and pipe bands alike.
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Initially Andante set out to make drumming easier and more comfortable for the player. The issues that Andante addressed to achieve this are as follows:-

  • To make a drum as light as possible with the maximum strength and durability.
  • To ensure a solid sharp cracking pitch with a highly responsive snare action both Top and Bottom.
  • To make it easy to tune.
  • To cut down maintenance to the minimum.
  • To make the Top Snares easily fitted without having to release the tension of either head.
  • To ensure that all screws are flush fitting to give the instrument an attractive streamline appearance and to avoid damage to attire.
  • A 5 mm Allen Key and T-key for all tuning and maintenance adjustments.
  • A handle to make it easy to lift and carry.
  • Some of the features that make this possible are:-
  • The Top Assembly has been designed with a 20 Tension bolt system, this makes it easier to evenly tighten the Head to the required tension.
  • The unique Helicoil Drum Head System means each screw on the drum head will always turn freely without binding or breaking because of the flawless stainless steel Helicoil thread inserts.
  • The New Torque Limiter makes sure that all Tension bolts on the Top Head Assembly are tightened to a predetermined correct tension minimising the risk of Head damage.
  • Temperature Pitch Control (TPC), the Top and Bottom Assemblies are made from a high grade aluminum, as the temperature of the atmosphere changes, the metal will expand or contract. The expansion rate on both heads will be approximately the same this ensures that your top and bottom assemblies stay in tune with each other.
  • The Top Head Assembly can be removed from the drum by unscrewing 4 fixing screws, this allows you to change the Top Snare without altering the Tension on either head.
  • An easy to control Top Snare Mechanism with 2 adjustment points:- on the left-hand side the Tension adjuster, on the right-hand side the Height adjuster. The mechanism automatically self levels, self aligns and equalises the Height on both sides ensuring that all of the snare is in proper contact with the head, making the drum easier to play and enhancing snare response.
  • The New In-line Snare ensures each snare wire is wound with exactly the same pitch, all the contact points are in line and impact the head as one, which gives a solid sharp precise response.
  • The 6ply 4 mm sound projector shell enhances full projection to the bottom head giving a loud clear sound from the back of the drum.
  • The Bottom Assembly has a 10 Tension bolt system.
  • Fitted with a very light, highly responsive bottom head - this increases projection.
  • The Bottom Snare has multiple swivel points for easy tuning:-
2 point linear adjustments
4 point levelling to head
1 point tension adjustment
  • All the adjusting screws on the Bottom Snare Mechanism are flush fitting and are easy to access with a 5 mm T-key. When the T-Key has been removed all adjustments will remain exactly as they are until further alterations are required. This feature is unique to Andante and means that the bottom head assembly will stay in tune.
  • All drums are fully lubricated, bench tuned and head tension released before despatch needing only the player

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