Andante Coretec 14" Top Head

A unique head made of 3 layers; combined to make it waterproof, responsive and extremely durable. Produces a nice crack along with a sharp tone. This head fits all pipe band snare drums.

  • Coretec is laminated from Para-aramide and alternate layers of Polymeric High Density Thermoplastic
  • Rim System - Precision lock bead non-slip rim system eliminates slippage of the head material
  • Totally Waterproof - Twin layer Thermoplastic through-bonded to prevent absorption of moisture from either face
  • Through-bonded expels all of the air from within the Para-aramide unifying the 3 layers to form 1
  • This creates a responsive and durable playing surface
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Minimum quantity for "Andante Coretec 14" Top Head" is 1.