Drum Heads


Premier's range of Everplay drumheads are manufactured to the highest standards by Remo, the world's most innovative drumhead company. Suits any pipe band snare drum.

Minimum quantity for "Ambassador Hazy Bottom Snare Head" is 1.


This bottom head can be pulled up greatly, allowing a sharper tone off the bottom. Very resistant and durable. Ideal for pipe bands and marching bands.

Minimum quantity for "Andante Bottom Head - Clear" is 1.

A unique head made of 3 layers; combined to make it waterproof, responsive and extremely durable. Produces a nice crack along with a sharp tone. This head fits all pipe band drums.

Minimum quantity for "Andante Coretec 14" Top Head" is 1.


Using the very latest in head technology with a combination of innovative materials in an ultramodern white finish. The New Elite head offers the player intense durability, with a crisp, bright and clean snare response which is extremely easy to pitch.

The development of the Elite head was in conjunction with many world renowned Top Grade 1 bands and Solo players, who selected Andante as their leading choice in marching percussion.

Minimum quantity for "Andante Coretec ELITE 14" Top Head" is 1.

A new but already popular product, the drum cover is made for use when playing outdoors to protect the drum from rain and moisture.


Premier's tried & tested top head for the pipe band snare drum. Used widely on all models, and allows the user to place high tension and achieve a sharp tone.

Minimum quantity for "Premier Cybermax 14" Top Snare Head" is 1.


Best known for resonant heads opening up the tom-tom sounds of Emperor and Pinstripe batter heads in live applications with their bright tones, resonance, and sustain.

Minimum quantity for "Remo 15" Diplomat Drum Head" is 1.

Made from two-plies of Remo Clear film and internally muffled to dampen both the high overtones & overall resonance. The result is a very focused, low pitched sound with moderate attack & response.

Minimum quantity for "Remo 28" Pinstripe Clear Bass Head" is 1.

Ambassador Coated Drum Heads by Remo are single, medium-ply mylar white drum heads which are extremely versatile. Coated Ambassador's is one of the most played heads ever

Minimum quantity for "Remo Ambassador 14" Coated Bottom Snare Head" is 1.

The single ply sound of Remo Ambassador is perfect for most playing situations and is a sound that has regained a lot of popularity in recent times.

Minimum quantity for "Remo Ambassador 14" Smooth White Bottom Snare Head" is 1.

Remo's replacement head for the highly successful Tendura head. Super-tight and responsive, projects a sharp, crisp tone.

Minimum quantity for "Remo Cybermax 14" Head for Pearl/Andante" is 1.

Remo Powerstroke 3 Clear Bass Drum Heads by Remo feature a thin underlay at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen unwanted over-ring. This design creates a near-perfect balance of response and tone control.

Minimum quantity for "Remo Powerstroke 3 - 20"" is 1.