£60.00 £60.00 excl. VAT
A great bass drum carrying strap, manufactured from real high quality leather. Straps round the back and is fully adjustable. Complete with hooks.

Minimum quantity for "Dalriada Bass Drum Strap" is 1.

£41.66 £41.66 excl. VAT
Made from real high quality leather, this drum sling is perfect for snare drummers and tenor drummers. Fully adjustable and durable.

Minimum quantity for "Dalriada Leather Drum Sling" is 1.

£14.59 £14.59 excl. VAT

Proving to be a very popular choice amongst marching and pipe bands, this drum sling is manufactured from webbing material similar to seatbelts. Lightweight, adjustable and suitable for snare and tenor.


Minimum quantity for "Dalriada Webbing Sling for Snare & Tenor" is 1.

£15.22 £15.22 excl. VAT
The Gel Strap Shoulder Pad makes use of a revolutionary gel that transforms your favourite drum strap into a comfortable, stress-relieving solution for heavy instruments. Thanks to a secure hook-and-loop attachment system, the Gel Strap Shoulder Pad is interchangeable between straps in an instant!

£56.16 £56.16 excl. VAT
This leather sling is a great choice for snare and tenor drummers. Can be used with all makes, and is manufactured form high grade leather. Fully adjustable and mediumweight.

Minimum quantity for "Premier 0913 Leather Sling" is 1.

£33.04 £33.04 excl. VAT

A tough alternative to the webbing drum sling, the PVC strap is popular amongst marching bands and is still used within the pipe band circuit.